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Network Security

Is your network secure? See what's good, bad, and what we can make better! Click here for a free on site consultation.

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PC MedX also specializes in Cat5e/Cat6 wiring installations. Get up to 10x the speed! ...More Information

Data Specialists

Don't wait for disaster to strike before you call! Proper preventative care and maintenance can help protect your hard drive & data from hardware failure and security threats. Hardware can be replaced, but your data is PRICELESS! PC MedX offers solutions for both on-site and off-site backups.

Our on-site backup services can even be fire-proof and flood-proof to certain extents.


Do you have a broken or failing hard drive or computer? PC MedX can perform advanced techniques to help retrieve important data.

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A World of Difference

PC MedX is a "one stop shop" for your business technology needs. Let us take care of your I.T. infrastructure with services such as internet/phone line wiring, setting up providers for internet and VoIP, network security appliances and servers, as well as configurations for e-mail, software, and workstations. You may also use our vendor discounts to save BIG on technology upgrades. What are you waiting for? Request an appointment today!

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Network Security Information

How important is network security?

The security of a network infrastructure is always overlooked. Some commonly heard misconceptions about network security include "We have a server" or "We have an IT guy".

It is crucial to know that these answers do not mean your network is secure! Here is a common list of questions you should be asking:

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  • Do we have a network security appliance?
  • Do we have a network security appliance?

    A network security appliance (NSA) not only controls the network traffic in your location, it is also your first line of defense. PC MedX configures these machines to work as a router with High Quality Server Grade Network Interface Cards, providing an optimal flow of network traffic. Having a device such as this in place of a router has been proven to improve connection speeds for everyone on the network!

    Once the router is configured, we can then install a number of components to protect your network such as: Spam Blocker, Attack Blocker, Virus Blocker, Phish Blocker, Web Content Filtering & Monitoring, VPN connectivity, and more!

  • Do we have an Internet Data Usage Policy?
  • Do we have an Internet Data Usage Policy?

    It is important to enforce an Internet Data Usage Policy for your business. This is a signed document that members of your staff will agree to. It is important to have this document for liability purposes as well as ensure productivity and minimize internet access for personal usage. PC MedX is obligated to report any suspicious activity to company management.

  • Are we monitoring internet traffic from our users?
  • Are we monitoring internet traffic from our users?

    PC MedX offers traffic monitoring services for our clients. We can investigate internet activity and target specific users on a network with out their knowledge. We also have the ability to block certain websites or groups of websites such as social networking, news, celebrity gossip, etc.

  • Are we protected from outside threats from hackers?
  • Are we protected from outside threats from hackers?

    Having a server in your office does not mean you are protected from the latest threats. PC MedX Security will protect commonly used ports for some of the most malicious viruses, as well as protect your network from unauthorized intrusions and data theft.

  • Are we in compliance with industry standards?
  • Are we in compliance with industry standards?

    A lot of companies are not aware about proper network security, and a lot of so-called "computer professionals" skip out on proper security. Not only leaving the network vulnerable to attacks, but also providing violations in industry compliance. Some violations can cost a lot in fines, or even the immediate shut down of your operation.

    Do not be a victim! Contact PC MedX today for a free consultation to protect your network!

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